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Had a small heat shrink issue but fixed it in 5 minutes and got a refund for a small part of it, but other than that it is a great coil



Best Lube! Best Price!



Extremely well made, customer service was top notch, extremely kind and able to answer my questions and needs, will definitely recommend to others and purchase more ables for myself!



Top quality product! Fast shipping! Will definitely need to order about a dozen more!

JTK Sora Collaboration Cable

Inspired by the colors of the sky, Sora features warm summer colors that are certain to shine on any keyboard. A pale white-on-blue base kit shines like the clear blue sky, accented with a golden tone reminiscent of the bronze daytime sun.

Group Buy format, expected shipping date 4-6 months from close date.

Group Buy ends May6th

Please do not add in-stock items to cart, order will be cancelled.


Regional vendors for JTK Sora:

→ US: Vala Supply

→ Canada: Alphakeys

→ Europe: MyKeyboard

→ United Kingdom: proto[Typist]

→ China/Asia: zFrontier

→ Philippines: Zion Studios PH

→ Korea: SwagKeys

→ Oceania: SwitchKeys

→ Mexico: Rheset

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JTK Sora Collaboration Cable